Kroger Feedback Survey @ 50 Fuel Points

By | July 19, 2019

Kroger feedback gives a chance to win 50 Fuel points and $5000 gift card at Kroger customer satisfaction survey.

You will be a winner of $100 Gift card after completion of Kroger Survey. So the thing about, How important it is!

The Company has started this last year to know what the Kroger customer thinks about the products and the service. What are the facts? they want to know about it.


So they want to interact with the customer and want to fulfill the requirement of customers.

Therefore, They have started KrogerFeedback at all in today’s competitive market. 

They will ask some general questions related to the product, its service, order timeline, cleanliness and moreover. You can ask them for the problems, employee behavior and other common things which are important in the business line.

You are able to take a chance every 7 days for the Kroger customer satisfaction survey & You will get a chance to win $100 grocery card or 50 Fuel points and $5000 gift card which is a big amount for everyone.

How To take 50 Fuel Points Survey?

Enter KrogerFeedback Survey Code

Start Survey

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the details from Kroger Recent Purchase Receipt & Click On Start.
    • Date,
    • Time
    • Entry Id which has the 15 digit code
  3. Give the answer of question which should be displayed on the webpage of the kroger feedback.
  4. There would multiple-choice questions. Give a suitable answer based on your recent Kroger experience.
    • Highly Satisfied,
    • Satisfied,
    • Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied,
    • Dissatisfied,
    • Highly Dissatisfied.
  5. They will ask at least two questions at the end of the survey 
    • To enter Kroger Sweepstakes, 
    • To get a coupon,
    • promotion and future participation.
  6. Give Your genuine personal information and contact details. They will contact if you win the Kroger monthly Sweepstakes.
  7. You will be a win
    • Kroger fuel points balance at the end of the Kroger Customer survey and
    • 1 valid entry to monthly Kroger Sweepstakes.

Kroger Survey Questionnaire

  • Visited Kroger Location and Its Purchase
  • Check Satisfaction Level about Kroger Experience
  • Grocery Baggers, Friendliness of Employees
  • Comparison Of Kroger Price With Other Stores
  • Wait Time To Check Out.
  • Brand Quality, Product Freshness, and Stock Availability.
  • Kroger Store Cleanliness
  • Employees & Staff Behavior
  • To get Entry in
    • monthly sweepstakes,
    • Kroger $100 Gift card,
    • Kroger Feedback 50 Fuel Points.

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Before participating Kroger Feedback Survey @ you must need to know about the Rules and eligibility of it.

These are the important things to know about it, otherwise, you will be lost the chance to win a prize.

  • Must have 18 years to take Kroger survey.
  • No, purchase or  make payment to participate
  • More purchase does not increase the winning chance.
  • Survey Taker must be a legal resident of 50 United States. Except for New York, Florida and Rhode Island.
  • Kroger Employees, Managers, and staff member are not eligible to take Kroger feedback survey.
  • Purchase receipt valid till 7 days.
  • 1 Prize Per a winner in monthly Kroger sweepstakes.
  • The winner should be selected by the Random Drawing
  • 1 Bumper Prize: Kroger feedback $5000 Gift card.
  • $100 gift card for the first 100 Winners.
  • Must have an internet connection with a mobile device or PC.

Kroger Feedback Survey By Email

There are two ways to enter Kroger monthly sweepstakes.

  1. Kroger Feedback By Online
  2. Kroger Feedback By Mail

Kroger Feedback Survey By Mail


You need to Just write below details on a post card. Send in one envelope to the following address.

  • your name
  • ,Address
  • Telephone number


Customer Survey Monthly Sweepstakes,

PMI Station,

PO Box 3547,



List Of Kroger Feedback Winners

Visit Following Link to show Kroger Winner List.

Credit Source

Kroger Feedback Official Website: Click Here

Kroger Feedback Rules & Eligibility: Click Here

Kroger Sweepstakes Winners: Click Here

I hope It will be an easy task for you after reading the post about Kroger Feedback Survey and to enter Kroger monthly sweepstakes.

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