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By | October 6, 2019

 What is the Objective of MynikeVisit-Na?

Mynikevisit-na is a Nike survey but before that, we need to know a little bit about Nike. Nike is a renowned brand in the global industry of sports products and services. This V-shaped logo brand has to maintain its position and image in various countries.  Nike has very effectively positioned itself as a status symbol and high profile brand in the contemporary fashion industry. 

To sustain its positive position and perception to its users, Nike is continuously coming up with innovative and creative products and services. 

The Customer Satisfaction Survey of Nike available at www.mynikevisit-na.com has a key motive to accomplish all organizational, professional and customer care goals or objectives of the company. This Nike Customer Feedback Survey is serving the company unlimited benefits including

  • To understand the new needs, fashion trends and changing requirements of the consumers purchasing products and services of Nike all over the world.
  • To recognize that what area or department needs improvement and development to deliver the best services to its users.
  • To develop new tactics and strategies to enhance the buying experience of all users around the globe.
  • To make sure that if you purchase the products or services of Nike from any region of the world including North America, Asia Pacific, South America, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, the quality and excellence of the products remain the same.
  • To create those athletes products and accessories that can bring motivation and inspiration to its users.
  • To continuously improve and advance new product lines for high-profile athletes and users.
  • To thoroughly understand the experience of users while purchasing or availing the products of Nike.
  • To enhance the customer dealing and customer interaction of the staff members of the organization.
  • To understand the issues faced by the users and rectify that issue as soon as possible in the most efficient and responsive manner.
  • To act as a proactive organization rather than reactive and remain competitive as compared to other companies in the market.

Mynikevisit-na Rewards

Nike is the most wanted brand of all the athletes all around the world. The Customer Feedback Survey of Nike at www.mynikevisit-na.com allows users to give honest feedback and suggestion regarding their purchasing experience from the company. 

 Nike completely understands the significance of your time; therefore, the company will award the participant of the

  • Nike Customer Satisfaction Feedback with the nike $10 survey coupon or ten dollars.

After giving answers to all questions in the survey, you will get the reward. The winning amount can be redeemed on your next purchase from any outlet of the Nike store.

Keep reading this article if you want to know the complete guide of filling Nike Customer Feedback Survey to claim your reward from the organization.

Mynikevisit-na Eligibility Criteria

Nike has specified particular requirements or condition for this Nike Survey @ www.mynikevisit-na.com. 

You must fulfill the requirements of it.

  • You must have a strong internet connection and digital device including a laptop, smartphones, tabs I Pads or any other to get connected..
  • Legal resident of America or Puerto Rico then your age must be at least 13 or more to take part in the Customer Feedback Survey of Nike
  • If you live in any other region of the world including Africa, Asia Pacific, and others, your age must be at least 18 years or more to get eligible for Nike Customer Feedback Survey.
  • You have a good command over English, Spanish and Espanol.
  • You must have made a purchase of any product or services from Nike Store. 
  • The purchasing receipt must not be older than 7 days.
  • Globally, if you are working any of the Nike store with any designation including employee, manager, supervisor, producer, designer, computer artist or any other then you cannot take part in this survey. Additionally, you also cannot participate if you have any direct link or blood relation with any of the working person at Nike. 
  • With one purchasing receipt, you can only fill the survey for one time.
  • In a period of 7 days, only two entries of the Nike Customer Satisfaction Survey can be entertained from one house or one address.
  • The nike $10 survey coupon voucher that you will get at the end of the survey must be redeemed within one month.
  • The free coupon cannot get adjusted as cash. 
  • You must save the discount coupon code with you. 

mynikevisit-na:Nike Survey @ www.mynikevisit-na.com

You must complete all the following steps to effectively fill the mynikevisit-na.

  1. Firstly, you must log in to the official website of the survey at www.mynikevisit-na.com.
  2. The landing page of the survey will ask you to select your desired language. It has four options including English, French, Spanish, and Chinese. Kindly select one.

Landing Page of Nike Survey with Language Option

  1. Keep the purchasing receipt with you. After selecting your preferred language, the website will ask you to enter the code. That code is available on your purchasing receipt. Typically you can find this code at the center of the purchasing receipt. You must enter that code of 15- 20 digits. Make sure to enter that code without using hyphens or spaces. The website will also display sample purchasing receipt and the position of the code on the receipt.

Nike Customer Feedback Survey

  1. After entering the code, click on the button Next to start the survey. This button is available at the bottom of the web page.
  2. Once the survey gets started, you will get different questions based on your purchasing experience. You must answer all questions rationally to end the survey
  3. After completing the Customer Feedback Survey at www.mynikevisit-na.com, you must click on the button End the Survey
  4. In the end, you should enter all asked information including name, contact number, email address, postal address, and others. This is compulsory so that you can get the discount coupon at the given address.
  5. The company usually takes one week or more to deliver discount coupon at your doorstep. Make sure to avail or redeem that discount coupon within one month of its issue date.

Conclusion of Nike Customer Feedback Survey

Nike has been recognized for its innovative products and responsive customer services. Nike with a famous logo of “Just Do It” has won millions of hearts and has positioned itself as the most loved sports brands among athletes.

This effectively intended survey helps your favorite brand to keep entertaining you with the most comfortable and beautifully designed products and services including sports wears, sports apparels, sports accessories, equipment, recreational items and much more.

The survey will only take your few minutes and you will get rewarded with the discounted coupon. Don’t miss the chance to get this interesting offer.

Official Sources


Nike Official Email Address

Nike Customer Care Number

  • Consulting the Nike order status – 1 800 806 6453
  • To order a Nike Products – 1 800 806 6453
  • Consulting other questions to Nike team – 1 866 633 6453
  • Alternative Nike Care phone numbers – 1 503 671 6453, or 1 800 806 6453
  • For U.S. or other countries Citizens –  1 212 367 4447
  • For U.K or Europe Citizens please dial – +44 (0)207 578 0560

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